3 thoughts on “Is the Coronavirus Event 201?”

  1. Okay, we know this virus is Bill Gates pet project, and the vaccine cure, trust these eugenicist madmen… The UK says this or that the very home of Travistock, propaganda we must not rule this out, look these deep state companies will do anything to stop Trump, and this huge freedom movement. This is not a killer virus, I refuse to believe Anything China says, they are too happy to kill off millions of their people..I do not want Marshall law, a and FEMA knocking our doors Down and that’s what is coming..turn off you TV..more lies coming ! If anyone should die, it should be Gates for starters.


  2. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that the DS/NWO/CIA are deeply involved in this and other global crises. Released CIA documents, declassified, has them on record with their dirty, lethal tricks. Included in this was a suggestion back in the early 1960s to plant a bomb in Miami, kill hundreds (if not thousands) of innocent civilians and blame it on Castro.

    David Rockefeller is on record stating that global depopulation is a necessary component for the NWO agenda.

    The horrific 9/11 murders were an inside job. Conspiracy theory? Yes. The US Gov’t (CIA) conspired to blame Al Qaeda for the attacks in order to win public acceptance for Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. Both designed to remove more freedoms from the grasp of US citizens.

    I would bet that these virulent diseases come straight from the research labs of the CIA.

    Social Engineering at its worst…


  3. Let me ask people, do you really think this virus will kill what the average case of the flue does every single year? Now that is around 300,000 to 600,000 Virus, so that leads me to another question.
    Do you really believe everything governments tell you is really happening? If you reply no to this, then what makes you think that this virus is not just a case of the common everyday flu? Now I don’t know one way or the other, but I do know that the CDC and WHO have done this same thing in the past, most recently I can recall the 2009 scare.


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