Wuhan-Virus: Shocking Videos Emerge


The total number of official coronavirus cases has climbed to 940 overnight.

The actual number of people infected with the coronavirus is unknown.

Beijing has restricted travel for over 46 million people as the virus continues to blaze through the country and beyond.





4 thoughts on “Wuhan-Virus: Shocking Videos Emerge”

  1. I hit the LIKE button to show that I was here. I often ask how many of us were so fortunate to be born in the USA and here at this time. Thank you for all you do. Prayers abound. Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene


  2. apparently the virus was caused by people eating fruit bat soup and snakes and other unclean foods….never eat the meat in asian countries, always wash your veggies with filtered water, always drink filtered water, fast when possible


  3. 30 days ago Dec 25, around the time the first case arose. Assuming binary contagion per day of one person infecting 2, 2 infecting 4 ….=2 ^ 30 equals more than 500,000,000 or approximately 1/2 Billion infected. Yet Ontario Canada has one case not totally confirmed as of the afternoon of Jan 25th 2020. Yet, the health officials apparently are pretending that all is under control because the infected arrival was under ‘proper protocol’ from the time he was taken by ambulance’ have not apparently even contacted all the occupants on the approximately 16 hour long flight from China which contained at least some other visitors/residents of Wuhan. Yet it is being said that it takes 9 to 14 days for symptoms to be noticeable. How many other flights have come from China in the last 30 days into North America, let alone all other countries around the world.? …..Time is of the essence, The health officials claimed that only persons within 3 seats of an infected person would be at risk. I call BS ..This is not an negative pressure environment but a positive recirculating environment…….I am utterly outraged and contemplating legal action.


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