U.S. Begins Evacuations Out of Containment Zones


Toronto health officials will announce the first coronavirus case in Canada.

2000 Cases Worldwide.

56 million people are under quarantine in China.

President Xi said China faces a ‘grave situation’ as the virus transmission is ‘accelerating’.

Russia has put plans in motion to evacuate Russian nationals from Wuhan.




More Information on nCoV

3 thoughts on “U.S. Begins Evacuations Out of Containment Zones”

  1. NMH, your title, “U.S. Officials Are Lying!” for whatever a reason triggered my memory of one of your earlier productions and so I went in search. Feb. 1st 2019, “Remember The 2020 Election!” In light of today’s Impeachment Trial do these two productions not share common ground, the Health of Our Nation? (it’s a brain wave thing) Please consider during this next week of directing your subs to your archives and that article. I know of no better a motivator to “get-out-the-vote” than “Remember The 2020 Election”. We should all understand the reality in what you said. Thanks for listening.


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