ALERT: Int.’l Espionage at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak!


In March 2019, a shipment of exceptionally virulent bio-agents, including a strain of coronavirus from Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory, made its way to China. The event caused a major scandal with experts questioning why Canada was shipping level-4 bio-agents to China. Scientists from the NML said the highly lethal viruses had the potential to be weaponized.


More on Chinese Couple at Canada’s N.M.L.

5 thoughts on “ALERT: Int.’l Espionage at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak!”

  1. When you have very clean chain of evidence and actors and outcome. It’s a known fact. It got out of the petri dish that is Wuhan. Plenty of “useful idiots” to support “diversity” to allow this.

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  2. Duh!!ff. I see. .Scapegoat ng. frm origin ate ng .crime in alls. that make. THINK. Com put ears. Because .EVERY. godamned think!you. know is .RONG.! Trump subtle .chastisedem. .Davos. Not that it go’s buhbuy. They. needbe. 6under. No. .demonshit. Dis is ffunn.


    1. First: The article you cited in your initial comment, states that Dr. Qiu helped develop ZMapp, a treatment for Ebola. You argue the doctor is the victim of a hoax, because she worked on the development of an Ebola treatment. You make the argument that her work on Ebola renders her, her husband and the undisclosed number of Chinese students believed to be agents for Beijing, innocent of smuggling lethal viruses out of the Canadian lab to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.
      This argument, when taken to its logical conclusion, would mean Dr. Qiu lacks the ability to work on several different research projects at once.

      Second: Canadian authorities have established Dr. Qiu’s studies were vital for China’s biological weapons development. Coronaviruses, Ebola, Nipah and the Marburg virus are all included in her studies. The investigators established Dr. Qiu’s and her “team’s” involvement in the illegal transfer of lethal bio-agents to China’s only level-4 facility. As a result, Canada booted the doctor, her husband and her team of Chinese “students” out of the Canadian lab.

      Third: Because I don’t subscribe to your belief, you insist I should be ashamed of myself for not posting a retraction and that I’m spreading lies. I suggest you contact the authorities in Canada with any evidence you may have that proves their investigation into Dr. Qiu, her husband and her team is based on faulty evidence.

      Fourth: Stop submitting crazy shit for review on my site and accusing me of providing my viewers with articles written by “lying liars”, as you described the investigative report/reporter that broke the scandal in question.


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