3 thoughts on “The Lancet: Coronavirus Hits 15% Fatality-Rate”

  1. Hey !…..Boys and Girls…………….I think I know why CHINA released that VIRUS. Take it away Rudy…>>>———->





  2. One of three studies cited in the Lancet reported that 14% of those hospitalized for nCoV died in early cases. This doesn’t mean that the overall fatality rate is 14% of everyone who contracts the virus because patients who are not hospitalized for contagious diseases generally have milder symptoms and die less often than those who are hospitalized. That said, I don’t trust the Chinese government and I’m skeptical about the statistics it’s putting out. The actual fatality rate is most likely higher than the 3% that the government claims, but less than 14% overall.

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    1. Good stats. Never believe em anyway. They’re like @$$ho1es… Don’t blame it all on China, don’t trust either side. Globalist monsters seem to pass as benevolent. But might be good odds that it came from “somewhere else” and got dropped in… Question All images {truth is baked in}. Question all reports {truth is out}. But no doubt, they seem to be cummin fer us, using someone else’s child-rent. Why… doesn’t it sound like a good old fashioned cowboy roundup?


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