A Brief Glimpse into Our Future


The confirmed number of nCoV19 cases now stands at 12,027.

Beginning at some point on the 30th of January 2020, any reference to nCoV19 by its common name on this platform will alert the algorithm. Mentioning the names of the cities where nCoV19 first broke-out may also alert the algorithm.



3 thoughts on “A Brief Glimpse into Our Future”

  1. Nancy, you don’t have to post this, you can make a separate video. BP’s good. Paul is new to me, and this thing is a freaking weapon that likely got out by accident.

    I posted under my ‘other’ account. God bless and baton down the hatches.


  2. Nancy, love your straightforward news. It’s time to give this virus a new name to avoid AI, and a new city name, too. Marfoogle News does this and avoids the censor.

    Canary (for China)
    Beast (for virus)

    All the best


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