Pentagon Knows What’s Coming


The confirmed number of nCoV19 cases now stands at 17,498.

This morning the CDC held a tele-briefing to report the 11th confirmed case of nCoV19 in the US. The CDC said the newest case is a close contact of another confirmed case and was infected through person-to-person transmission. Both cases are located in California. The CDC is currently waiting on tests results for 82 suspected cases.

4 thoughts on “Pentagon Knows What’s Coming”

  1. The numbers came up by 14% today worldwide. Over 20k now. Both deaths and recoveries have gone up too. Mortality right around 40%. Let’s hope this thing gets under control.

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  2. Thank you. Assumptions and assumptions. I thought I had seen my fill of it with the sham impeachment. We are a bit fortunate in that we already maintain a lifestyle of natural foods, clean and simple, with ancient medicine supplements. We maintain hope for the best while continuing our awareness.
    Side note: House manager Hakeem, in his closing argument, mentioned that the government was collecting night vision stuff to combat bad guys in other parts of the world.
    In my humble opinion, if you want to know what a child has been up to, just get them to start talking. Coup conspirators are not the brightest tickets on the planet. They have not invented anything. All they know about has to do with what they have done. Given the vast amount of assumptions that they make, it seems likely that their assumptions have come from their own experiences.
    I have great faith that good will prevail. I hope that it will come in my lifetime. I only walk in my shoes, and I try not to fall down… LOL At my age, I do not hop, skip, or jump either!
    Thank you for your caring to work to help us. May you and yours be well and taking care. Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene


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