8 thoughts on “Nancy Gives Beijing a Piece of Her Mind”

  1. Excellent, powerful! I love your posts!
    a peculiar observation, i was cleaning my bathroom and pulled out a spray can of Lysol disinfectant. Listed on the can of nasties that it controls was “human coronavirus” ! This can is over 6 months old! It apparently kills a virus that had not been disclosed at that time! This sucks so bad!

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    1. The Human Coronavirus that’s printed on the label of the Lysol can is the technical
      term for respiratory illnesses. The novel Coronavirus that’s currently making it’s way around the globe
      is not the one Lysol is referring to on their label.


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      1. Thank you! I had a friend, out here in the middle of nowhere, very rural east central Alabama, mention the Lysol can to me! SWEET!


  2. BRAVO! I have been grateful to be able to follow you, and grateful that you care to help us. Tonight I am very proud of you! Thank you so very much! Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene

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