It’s Disgusting


The prosecutors that successfully convicted Republican strategist and decades-long Trump pal Roger Stone, on charges of witness tampering and lying to Congress are now lobbying the judge presiding over his Feb. 20 sentencing to give Stone seven to nine years in the slammer.



Railroading Roger Stone


7 thoughts on “It’s Disgusting”

  1. I’m not that knowledgeable in legal matters but, don’t these people have to be sentenced and gone to jail before a pardon can be issued? It makes sense to me that once they sentence Roger, Julian, and Gen. Flynn the president is free to pardon each one of them! Stop attacking the president and allow the courts to finish up so it can backfire some stupid way!

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  2. Trump has established a history of ignoring government corruption punishing those who have laid out their lives and fortunes to support Trump. Add Sheriff Arpaio to the list of persecuted Trump supporters. Trump finally pardoned Arpaio after he suffered through the courts, used his money for legal assistance and was about 2 inches from jail. Now that Trump is depending on my Nov. 2020 vote, you can bet, I will ignore him.


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