Thou Shalt Not Question WHO

To view/listen to this report’s narration, download the app in the column on the right, that’s compatible with your device. Any reports uploaded to YouTube that question the WHO will jeopardize my channel.



The World Health Organization is a political organization, bought and paid for by its sponsor countries (China foremost among them), with a single, dominant mandate: maintain the party line.


Tedros’ Cholera Cover-Up

Tedros Appoints Mugabe

11 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Question WHO”

  1. Unable to download or find the app with phone. Both PC and Samsung Galaxy S8 Duo. “App is incompatible with your device.” Took me about 15 minutes to find the lightcast app that does have phone channels on play store.


  2. Nancy, your call on this guy. He’s a student at Harvard. He’s done some good stuff on Coronavirus, but he does some edgy conspiracy stuff too.


  3. Hi Nancy, I think maybe you’re being blocked directly through G**GLE and not just YT….or I’m the unluckiest SOB when it comes to Android. I have four different Android devices, each with a different version of Android, and it says that none of my devices are compatible with your app….


  4. Hi Nancy, PLEASE use Bitchute , Brighteon, Gab or LBRY, or MINDS, any number of other video platforms that are not run by the WHO or CDC….. Your app doesnt work on my Android 8.3 Tablet, I own no cellphone. PS ,STOP only using Farcebook and Twitter to allow folks to post comments here, I have been banned by both for life. You complain about censorship, then use the main offenders to authenticate your listeners comments !! Please adress this. Thanks. :/


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