Costa Mesa Tells TPTB to Pound Sand


Earlier this week, I reported that a Japanese couple recently visited the state of Hawaii, a popular destination among Chinese and Japanese tourists. Both husband and wife later tested positive for the virus. The man, while in Honolulu, visited a friend that’s a local resident.


City of Costa Mesa, CA   vs   The Usual Suspects

2 thoughts on “Costa Mesa Tells TPTB to Pound Sand”

  1. I’ve set here with pen in hand for the past 20 minutes trying my damnedest to remember the last time the City Of Costa Mesa acted in such a “To Serve And Protect” fashion. And with such open defiance.


  2. I want to know who owns this wreck of a building, the Fairview Developmental Center, which appears to have sat vacant since it was closed by the State of California. In April of 2019 it still held 80 developmentally disabled clients. Someone is trying to peddle this structure to someone. Someone suggested it as a warehouse for the homeless. Someone stands to make a windfall profit unloading this on the Feds in a time of urgency. I can’t believe some vile bastard & the Feds would “Bum-rush” this urban area considering what it did to Wuhan, China. Kangaroo Court or no Kangaroo Court, even if it took local police or other action, I would not let the Feds dump these people on Costa Mesa. Hell, the US Government owns half the Western USA, stick them on the Groom Lake or Area 51 Reservations. The DOD doesn’t want anything to do with them, so go ahead & shit on a city.


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