One thought on “See Something – Keep Your Trap Shut”

  1. Nancy I don’t know where to put my comment so I am putting on the first video I found when logging on. It’s about the lack of trials of the traitors we still have walking the streets of the country they hate so much:
    B R O N X J U R Y is about “double standard” or why traitors are walking the streets all the way to the bank laughing…. … investigate a crime for months and months, spend the treasury..go to court in DC or any Democrat controlled city or state and the chances of a Demonrat getting on the jury is 100 percent ..the chances of a 70 IQ mongrel like AOC or the other criminals being one of the jurors is 100 %..the chances of an AOC type, REGARDLESS OF THE EVIDENCE (with Jesus Christ as an eye witness and testifies), .if the person charged is a minority or a Demonrat, would waste all the time all the money we have already spent, by his/her vote to acquit….is 100%…multiply that by 100’s of times and the futility becomes reality.. … there is a name for this behavior, it is called a: “BRONX JURY” ..
    …there is a video on YT with Liz Wheeler speaking to a guy of two attempts to form a grand jury in DC to prosecute some of these criminals and were thwarted by people ignoring overwhelming evidence…and voting to acquit or whatever they call it ..the prosecutors gave up… this behavior is putting traitors walking on our streets and laughing all the way to the bank to cash Soros check.

    I keep asking myself … These Demonrats have already shown their hate and disdain for our country, for our nation, and for our people which is indoctrinated and absolute in their reality. The corruption is absolute because the power is absolute(control of the money, control of the media, and control of the government.)imho I suspect Trump and Barr know this and the power knows this.. when We The People are ready to face this reality……………… then justice will be done, imho.


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