Fido Tests Positive


Everyone out there that’s been living in blissful complacency as the storm is unfolding all around them – laughing at and dismissing every warning – is about to start paying attention: The dog of a patient in Hong Kong has been found to carry a low level of the illness that must not be named,according to a statement from the region’s government.


Tracking COVID-19

One thought on “Fido Tests Positive”

  1. Probably means the Dog is healthy, you have to have millions of these things inside you for it to begin to hurt you, not just one or two blown up samples. A weak positive could also be a false positive, people are getting very excited about all this, it’s called Fear. Until we separate the lies from the facts, the real data from the meaningless drivel, we won’t know anything about this so called virus. For some reason this virus pandemic is also a little strange, they need to send people to China that are experts and do not represent the WHO. Again one blown up sample does not make a plague.


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