One thought on “Health Officials Shutter Clackamas County Elementary School”

  1. Very good reporting…I find it very odd that ALL my comments about COVID-19 are taken down on UTUBE..I have followed Paul C during this incident.
    I find bbn it more then odd, that there is NO REPORTS LEFT ONLINE about the Harvard Professor “Liber” who was arrested for espionage 1 day after the Virus announcement???..Also 5-12 Chinese Citizens that worked in the same Bio Weapons lab as Liber!!…He was arrested for selling the CoronoVirus to China!!..He sold it to the ONLY 1st.Level Bio Weapons Lab in China!!!..In WUHAN!!.. He (Liber) was the guy who designed and built the only Level 1 Bio Weapons Lab in WuHan China – about 5 – 7 miles from the Food Market..The Chinese have said that a possible Lab Doctor sold an infected animal to the Food Market, as this is common practice???..Why hasn’t there been mention of ANY of these things??


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