Pentagon Approves Housing to Quarantine 1,000


As the Trump administration makes preparations for more cases of nCoV19 in the U.S. as per the recent warning from the WHO and the Pentagon has approved a request for quarantine-housing for 1,000 people, the number of confirmed nCoV19 cases has risen to 14,642.

Beijing has been critical of the restrictions implemented by the Trump administration and similar measures implemented by other countries to limit their populations’ exposure to nCoV19.

Doctor Judy Stone, a senior contributor to, wrote an article that was published on February 1, 2020.

In her piece, Stone argues the Trump administration’s recent travel restrictions and its mandate of federal quarantines to limit the risk of nCoV19 spreading within the U.S. flies in the face of public health recommendations made by the experts that participated in Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security’s recent “Event 201” exercise



Dr. Stone’s Forbes Article

A Brief Glimpse into Our Future


The confirmed number of nCoV19 cases now stands at 12,027.

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