When All of a Sudden …


DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, notified FBI Director, Christopher Wray, on Monday that he did not have confidence that the agency was providing appropriate supporting documentation to back up assertions, after violations were found following a review of more than two dozens Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant applications, according to a publicly released memo.


The Memo

Which Nation’s Security is the Pentagon Concerned With?


Law enforcement officers are breaking-up outbreak-parties in New Jersey, a Florida pastor’s Constitutionally-protected first Amendment right was violated when his local sheriff arrested him for holding services, because doing so violated a health-order and Texas State troopers are enforcing quarantine-orders along the Louisiana-Texas border.

The Proof is in the Footage


On March 25, 2020, CBS News painted a dire picture from New York City in their outbreak coverage. Last Wednesday morning CBS aired footage from inside a New York City hospital.

There’s just one problem, the footage matches SKY News video footage taken inside an Italian hospital several days earlier, on Sunday March 22.


Who Would Have Guessed It Begins in Texas?



Every person who enters the State of Texas through roadways from Louisiana, or from any other state as may be proclaimed hereafter, shall be subject to mandatory self-quarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into Texas or the duration of the person’s presence in Texas, whichever is shorter.


Gov. Abbott’s Executive Order