2 thoughts on “Continue with Your Daily Routine”

  1. Nancy, please stop your fear mongering! Most people (somewhere north of 80%) who are infected with the Coronavirus will self treat and recover entirely without even seeking medical attention. Many of these will have symptoms so mild, they won’t even recognize that they are “sick”! The only people who should be concerned are the elderly (>70, esp >80) and the immunocompromised. But how is this any different than what we see each year during flu season where flu viruses kill 12-61k people annually. You are creating a panic by reporting each new confirmed case as if is were evidence of the zombie apocalypse. You focus on the exposed tip of the iceberg (those, confirmed or hospitalized) while ignoring those whose symptoms are even milder than our seasonal flu and who are already recovered and back to work, or who didn’t even know they were infected (the great mass under water). Finally, the Coronavirus has been in the US since Dec brought back by Chinese students returning to school. These “first confirmed cases” you report ARE NOT the first cases. The actual first cases passed virtually unnoticed… because, well, isn’t it plainly obvious? Sheesh!

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