The 1988 Stafford Act


FEMA officials are preparing for an “infectious disease emergency declaration” by the President that would allow the agency to provide disaster relief funding to state and local governments, as well as federal assistance to support the outbreak response, according to agency planning documents.



9 thoughts on “The 1988 Stafford Act”

  1. While I’m not “thrilled” that FEMA is involved, I’m also not exactly disappointed that the federal government is preparing – hopefully “just in case” and not b/c they are lying to us as always. I’d love to see a day come when I could trust news sources, my government, educators, elected officials, law enforcement, the military – any of The System. People have grown weary and frustrated, we are no longer civil or “nice” and polite as a first response. We’ve all learned to be very cynical. Sad world. In the meantime, I have a friend who just returned from Hawaii who isn’t well, neither is her husband, and both are in isolation and being tested in small town Yuma, AZ. No. I haven’t been anywhere near them.

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  2. Isn’t Fee Mo CoN an incompetent “military” org? Has done little to nothing to help people in real dire need? Kinda like the UN(necessary) military that has never prevented a war?
    With only a handful of people that have “expired”, our gov is going to allow this org, along with boys and girls in uniform, to gather up folks who have a rise in temperature and tote them off to who knows where? To ultimately be stabbed with poisons?
    Check out Getty images {viruses}to see the images (not photos!) of this and many other cartoon “viruses”, “bugs” and staged pictures to “prove” that what they tell us is true?
    Disgusting pile of manure that they heap onto us. Thanks Bill/Melinda! We love your use of wealth to further your brand of “goodness” to the world! Please turn yourselves in for evaluation, quarantine (with buggers) and eventual sticking with a most horrific concoction of poisons… worse than the a flu!!

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  3. In Japan they are going to pass laws to allow governors to force their people to stay home, add to that there is talk of going cashless, all because of illness, or is it? Is it the primary agenda of this illness, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well it’s getting clearer now that the release of this is virus is was well thought out for the upcoming solutions.
    Perhaps it will go something like this, oh and keep in mind decades ago Operation Northwoods called for some of this, from AC Weisbecker’s blog;
    “1. Voluntary isolation of the sick
    2. Mandatory isolation of the sick (they will come and get you, as in China)
    3. Voluntary quarantine (of not-sick people) in their homes, plus…
    4. Curfews and spot checking (for symptoms) on the streets
    4a. Travel bans are enacted, including street travel between cities and towns
    5. Hoarding of food/water/supplies is outlawed (to make the populace dependent on the government)
    6. Mandatory quarantines, first at home (you can’t leave the house) then…
    7. Quarantine camps (which are now called Fema Camps and are ready and waiting)
    8. Guns (They will come and get them, as with Katrina in New Orleans; no reason needed)
    9. Vaccination (idiots will plea for it)
    10. Mandatory vaccinations (in the camps and in order to procure food from the government)
    11. ‘Fake News’ is banned (as suggested at ‘Event 201), arrests made; in some areas the Internet is shut down — to prevent ‘a crisis in confidence’ (some measures will start early on)
    12. Cash money is said to carry The Bug and is outlawed
    13. The United Nations, at first via WHO, is gradually given jurisdiction, with some foreign troops on U.S. soil
    14. One World (cashless) Economy and Government is eased in
    .(Formal Martial Law is declared somewhere around measures 7 or 8)
    15. At some point aerial spraying may be initiated, with some sort of bull shit reason given relating to fighting The Bug. God only knows what will be in these admitted chemtrails.
    16. The Bug will serve as another reason for unlimited surveillance and the curtailing of personal freedoms in general. The excuse will be the ‘identification of people who refuse to be tested or vaccinated’, something like that.”

    Control is the name of the Game.

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    1. There’s a lot of merit to those points and I have to agree, also it could be part of a cover with an economic collapse looming. You know, blame it on the virus.

      Have you seen this UNLISTED YOUTUBE VIDEO
      Clade X Pandemic Exercise GNN Epilogue (NOTE THE DATE OF OUTBREAK IN THEIR VIDEO)
      It begs the question why would they go to such trouble to produce these mock news reports.

      Part of a series of news videos produced for the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Clade X pandemic exercise in May 2018, this clip provided new scenario information to the 10 individuals playing a team of presidential advisors tasked with leading the policy response to a fictional outbreak.
      This video link was originally discovered at;
      which moved the report and when I found it again, the link to the video above was removed.

      Let’s not forget about the spawn of Satan who was talking about this in 2015
      Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready
      TED TALKS – Apr 3, 2015

      They want access to our bloodstream at all costs.

      Also worth noting, Wuhan, China has rolled out 5G on a trial basis. 5G has never been tested on the population and has only been used as a military application for “active denial system” in crowd control.

      Click to access 6.+Wei+DENG.pdf


  4. Aerial spaying has been going on for decades!
    The plan for us has been planned for decades.
    If you aren’t healthy now, get there.
    Sky is being filled with watchers.
    Space Force is a farce. Is it low level serveillance? If you know the grand fraud you will know this… and so much more.
    Do you consent? Will you consent? Will you fight for your life and your loved ones?


  5. PS-hit… drills have happened prior to, or on the day, of all major catastrophes. Your life has been planned out, your brain has been con-trolled for many, many decades. We don’t learn, we are brain-burned… tatoo’d with lies, lies and more lies. HissStory is one big fat con.


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