The WHO urges people to go cashless to stop the spread of the outbreak.

The WHO’s warnings follow the People’s Bank of China last month disinfecting currency deposited at Chinese banks using ultraviolet light, and quarantining the bills for a week before releasing them back into circulation.


  1. Many States have this agenda all set up for the homeless with shelters sitting ready for quarantine as soon as Trump declares pandemic or WHO, but the homeless cannot occupy them yet–FEMA camps, especially California for over 3 months already. What is the matter with the feet on the ground?


    1. I have a suggestion for a Homeless Shelter that does not involve FEMA, close down the UN, use the building for a homeless shelter and give those UN people 48 hours to get out of my country permanently.


  2. We are almost entirely sick with fear! We’ve been using faux money, that ancestors accepted, since….. hmmm, 1913? When we were monetarily overthrown.
    Push Trump to continue forcing the complete demise of the Fed. It will be his most glorious achievement! BUT, we MUST NOT accept fake (digit!) “money”… it is nothingness.
    Puck UN(necessary)arm-y. Banish it from our land. And, Puck their socialist, communist, marxist, criminal agendas.
    Puck questionable sikoshit that hasn’t killed more people than… anything. Question!
    Puck MSM forcing their blind worshipers to swallow, regurgitate and exacerbate fear.
    Puck kings & kweens (no matter the hat) that want to reduce their “burden” in ways you have no idea! But can be seen, if we can see clearly now.
    Fearful of paper money? Solution: Don’t eat your money. Get real, washable, solid money, or worthy assets. Don’t allow anyone to dig under your fragile fearful skin. Don’t watch what makes you so fearful that reason and critical thinking has left the brain.
    The only chance to avoid civil war is to WAKE UP. They are all in the club that we are not allowed. The happy hats are all friends! We are blinded by their darkest light. Keeping the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on us away from our vision, while using fraudulent money we hold so dear. Go ahead, be very afraid of using fiat current-cy. Get your digits here! On sale now. Cheap!! No worry, be happy. Be blind.
    It’s in the water. It’s where we came from…
    There is water under the ocean…
    It was made in a Hollywood studio…
    Can we see the eye in the sky…
    We are not radioactive!
    Major Tom, ET AL, make them SEE!


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