One thought on “How Trump Should Respond to District Court Injunctions”

  1. All this Trump, with no reservations, has struck me as cultish and forced questions.
    Yes people. Undecerning. The star struck, showing strong desire for prominence, wealth and power. In your face.
    Freedom is gone from their eyes and heart. A wave of vacant humans is more frightening than a fauxviralthingy. I questioned, will the wave be so big as to sweep all into one “bundle” with the power, then, to do whatever they want? Will that power enable enough fervor to dissolve brains? Already, laws and edicts on religion are put into place, mingling (men-gala) god and “leaders” everywhere.
    Freedom is the only thing we need to seek and breathe. We must leave the status quo, bar none, never to return. No more laws. No Titles of Nobility, as the constitution states. Get back to Common Law. Especially local.
    The only exception a free people cannot abide is physical violence against another person or their property. Which leads to needing only one law… the law of no aggression.


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