6 thoughts on “‘I Will Name Names at Next Presser’”

  1. With NewSomeOneWHOknewSomeone at the HELLm we can be assured of safety! Gobble up that Goop folks! These crime in alls are in their death throws, one hopes… as hope can be, as it is never as real as Truth. The DeVil-eers is in the DeepTails. Expect continued and ever-more-full of stench, the shit that hits the ever increasing fans. Be No Fan Of Them! Turn it around awakened ones. Splatter it to the winds of the faces of HELL!


    1. PS-hit… where is the freakin WHOO when you need em? Scaring the dim bulbs to sleep… it’s all they doo doo. Case closed!!!


    1. If one cannot get iV, it is recommended to take pure ascorbic acid as opposed to normal vit C tabs (which can cause diarrhea before enough can be effective). Vit D, E.
      And… maybe more important, Querticin (natural fruit lining) and Glutathione (resperatory). Sarah Westhall podcast with Sherry Edwards.
      Given all this… Fear is the biggest enemy! That’s all they want and need of you. Deception must be recognized! It’s quite easy… if we could only see. I see liars…


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