A National Disgrace


As I watch the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. climb higher and higher  — of the illness that must not be named  —  and I scan article after article and listen to interviews with healthcare professionals working in the trenches putting themselves at risk of being infected, it’s clear something is very wrong.



White House Edited Presser

Unedited Presser from Peak Prosperity’s Upload


California Nurses Association

8 thoughts on “A National Disgrace”

  1. I had to replay 3 times a statement that Pence said. “In a matter of weeks not months we could be seeing corona virus broadly “distributed” around the country and literally growing by the day”. So I thought maybe I missed something because using the word “distributed” maybe he said it for test kits that I didn’t hear. That’s why I had to replay it 3 different times. DISTRIBUTED? Like distributing pamphlets. Why did he use that word, slip of the tongue? I’ve always heard spreading.


  2. The reason she can’t get tested is cuz they’ve run out of tests prob cuz they’re made in China.. Thank goodness she’s quarantined..


  3. Allow me to rant. So, what you are saying is that in a Republic, you would prefer that the federal and state government had reacted like the Communist Dictatorship in China? We won’t even allow the government to round up people who are here illegally and have criminal records! How are we going to forcefully quarantine tens of thousands of people who are asymptomatic? And test everyone? We don’t even test for influenza until someone presents symptoms and even then, maybe not. The fact that nobody is talking about is that the virus was already widespread throughout the US by the time anyone knew there was a problem. That’s on China, not Newsome (whom I detest) or Trump who is merely listening to his experts. Remember how Trump shut down travel and was labeled a racist and fear monger? And Congress spent most of January paralyzed by impeachment run amok. That’s on the party of corruption, otherwise known as the Democrats. Congress only sent a virus funding bill to the President this week because it spent a week or more posturing about how much and no doubt devoted time to insert some tasty pork into that 8+ billion. That’s on the Democrats too! Listen to the doctors on YouTube. Very smart people they are, but they have only the most basic understanding about what’s going to happen tomorrow, and, yet, they have become expert armchair quarterbacks. Now, according to South Korea (140,000 tested) this virus has a mortality rate of less than 1% (dropping daily). 16-18 thousand Americans have already died of influenza since September and half of us, for whatever reason, won’t even get a damn flu shot. Moreover I understand that the median age of those who have died from Covid-19 is above 80! Median above 80! And yet we are ready to lock down every elementary, middle, and high school and every college and university upon a single positive test result. Where is our sense of relative risk? In my locale you can’t find a surgical or N95 mask—no N95s so good luck getting that sheet rock work done! Alcohol above 70%, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are all gone from store shelves or in very short supply. What next, Nyquill Cold and Flu? And In Australia, I understand there has been a run on toilet paper. Toilet paper? Pardon me if I have a Bridge Over the River Kwai moment… Madness!

    Finally approximately 3400 people die daily in the US from traffic accidents, so the risk of driving to and from the doctor’s office to get tested for the Coronavirus is arguably higher than the risk of dying from Coved-19 itself! Many, perhaps most of us will eventually become infected. Many people, particularly the elderly over 70 (esp > 80) and the immunocompromised will succumb despite our best efforts to keep them safe. That’s a terrible tragedy and we should be proactive about protecting these people. But the vast rest of us will be OK and many who are infected will be asymptomatic. There will be a vaccine, but not for a year or so. In the meantime this is a novel Coronavirus, not the Zombie Apocalypse.

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    1. I agree, first this channel is upset cuz it got into the country now it’s wanting to let this nurse out of quarantine.. It’s blown way out of proportion.. it originated in CHINA because their health standards are so low aka factories move there because of it.. that and cheap labor.. no FDA in China..


      1. holly no one wants the nurse to get out of quarantine, she should be tested to confirm she has it before being allowed to help any more patients, thats what the nurse is saying,Yet she was replied, the lest reply given to her, was that those in charge of test kits dont believe she has it because she was properly suits/masked, etc. Shes a nurse who has had her symptoms confirmed, to be this virus, yet they still are working towards releasing her back into the public after the containment period. It was quite easy to understand every word she was saying. By the authorities refusing to test her? They are spreading the virus.


  4. David,
    There’s much more info out there than you’re referencing. I suggest you research what’s happening in Italy. And, while I know it’s hard to wrap our minds around this, young people are dying too and it seems the True numbers are suppressed.

    Just take a look at how the test kits were delivered to the cruise ship presently off the coast of Cali…by helicopter drop…that says a lot. I do Not believe this is anything less than a deadly Pandemic of Epic infectious ness…see RN statement. She wore full employer recommended PPE.
    I find the journals at Elsevier amazingly helpful at deciphering what we are up against. I echo Headlines with a Voice in concluding this is a Healthcare Crisis requiring experts in Infectious Disease run the show Not bureaucrats.


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