Here We Go!


On March 6, 2020, AIPAC tweeted the following:

Important Update:

As emailed to Policy Conference attendees, participants, speakers, administration and Capitol Hill offices.

We have confirmed that at least two policy conference attendees have tested positive.

We continued to remain in constant communication with the Westchester County Health Department and the D.C. Health Department which is coordinating with the New York Health Department and national health authorities.


D.C. Statement on AIPAC COVID-19


Tracking COVID-19

3 thoughts on “Here We Go!”

  1. I’m wondering how many saying President Trump and team are not handling this virus well thought Obama handled the swine flu or any other President w/ SARS and MERS or any other “beer” virus strain?Sorry, I’m not going to over-react at this time. I will, however, take regular “flu season” precautions, not travel and stay closer to home. All should have been “ready” for an emergency for a long time now…


  2. Well, that’s going to leave a mark. Many of our law makers are in that age where they may succumb to the illness. Maybe they will get the Ebola Vaccine which I hear is working flawlessly.


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