4 thoughts on “POTUS Addresses the Nation”

  1. Good gravy…even little ole Yuma, AZ is running out of toilet paper. Come on, folks – hope you have more than toilet paper cause ya can’t eat the paper!

    We are in this together and if we don’t start acting like it…we’re sunk before it even wallops us. If older and/or have health conditions (and I don’t know many elders WITHOUT!) JUST STAY HOME!! If younger and haven’t been exposed, continue w/ your life taking regular flu precautions. I don’t recommend licking any railings soon. Far as I’m concerned, everyone should have been prepared for “an emergency” a long time ago – freaking out now is a wee bit late.


  2. Hang on folks. Ya can’t have a pandemic if there’s no pandemonium! Relax, breathe deeply, remember… this too shall pass. Low rates of death, mostly elderly, is just like all “coughs due to cold”. Get a grip on your panic… Do the right stuff (go to the moon, if you can), sit back and watch catastrophic movies. Or watch the msm extravaganza, brought to you by Betty Crock-er! “And that’s all I have to say about that. Forest”


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