Congress Introduces Bill to Remove Trump’s Authority


House Democrats have introduced legislation that would undo President Trump’s travel restrictions from pandemic stricken areas, despite the fact that the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has said that the impact of the crisis would be much worse had the bans not been in place.

5 thoughts on “Congress Introduces Bill to Remove Trump’s Authority”

  1. Amazing!
    Tens of thousands of Americans won’t be exposed to COVID19 because of the travel ban…
    And yet the obviously insane, corrupt cat lady who currently occupies the speakership of the House has attempted to leverage the pandemic in order to promote abortion, which is essentially an ongoing holocaust.
    A sitting President has the right and the power to impose any measure he sees fit in the interest of national security…even if the invader happens to be a virus.
    He also has the power to dismiss one or both chambers of Congress, “anytime he disagrees with them.”, which is what Trump should do.
    Shumer belongs in the ground for attempting to incite insurrection: Treason.

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  2. Aren’t these the same screwballs that were screaming just a week ago “We are all gonna die and it’s because the President hasn’t done enough to save us……oh my God!!!!!”????? Yes, I believe it was. So, he DID some things and now “he’s the one” that is going too far???? Idiots.


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