Who Didn’t See This Comin’?


Many major U.S. cities hard-hit by the outbreak have resorted to utilizing hotels as quarantine centers as local hospitals become overwhelmed. But there’s ambiguity surrounding quarantine of confirmed or suspected cases as legally ‘mandatory’ or merely ‘urged’ and strongly suggested. 


Tracking COVID-19

2 thoughts on “Who Didn’t See This Comin’?”

  1. Predicted is correct. Dean Koontz got it right in 1981. On the freakin mark!!
    Can’t STAND all the disgusting mind-bully-pulpit-puking-con-artists… and their succumbed morons!
    HEY… Can we have a pandemic without pandemonium? Let’s get it started, shall we?
    Does a pan-demon-ium start after a pan-demon-ic situation? The mentally ill beLIEvers are the sickest creatures, right after the “G-ates of hell” have opened! Wake the fuck up! Get a grip or, willingly, get your ass on the bus to HELL!
    Kill your boobtoob. Think. Breathe. Relax. Suck down vit c. Get a stack of predictive programming books and movies. Be-cause the grandest staged show really ramps up as the music gets louder and louder, drowning out your Biden-related-moronic-brain.
    The BEST thing everyone can do, if you get the sniffles, is WISE UP… Drink lots of clean water. THROW OUT ALL YOUR DAMNED SUGAR, DRINKS AND RELATED PHOODSTUFFS WITH IT. You will go into a heroin-like rehab state… but It will surely be the end of the world as we know it! And we will be the healthiest people we have ever been in our ever-lovin’ lives!


  2. This actually a pretty good thing, except that you have to have a better cleaning regiment and proper training for hotel staff.


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