2 thoughts on “Looks Like Someone’s Been Lying”

  1. It’s ALL a big fat con. A pan(Greek “bi-god”)dem(on)ic(k) {need one say more?} is little more than a smattering of people with similar symptoms that has been (hand)“spread” to other countries. It’s a “DAMNED” COLD that everyone in the world gets! Given the name & meaning is it too far a stretch to say it’s a demonic plan spread by fear (the death of insight & health) by a few men in robes with evil intent? They don’t wear robes in pubelick… but those “black robed clerks) are culprits, no doubt!
    Take the blinders off, dismiss all your beLIEfs for awhile… sit and ponder how this could be mistaken as truth! Is Trump a Pan? Given the pandemic amount of followers. We want to believe, even as we may be spellbound.
    Look deep into the images they pass before your eyes (with a magic wand made of holly wood, full of con-trolled minds). Can you SEE it all for what it truly IS?
    You are under the 2nd, world’s largest, SPELL (our language is “spelling”)… AWAKE… ONLY the truth will set you free, bring you health, and wisdom!


  2. If you have been to either France or the Netherlands, you can see why so many are sick in this age group. They all cluster together in tight knit groups b/c they love top party. Not the cleanest countries in the world to visit. Their public restrooms are horrific. Not to mention, most European countries do not have the health care facilities/set up that the US has. That is why so many travel from there to the US for medical treatments. We are the leaders in the cleanliness/healthcare facilities here whether many want to admit it or not. Most of these countries populations are clustered in/near major cites that have people visiting from all over the world. That is why we will see cases rise here in our country in the major cities, but those of us living in rural America will not be nearly as affected. There is a lot to be said for living out in the “middle of nowhere” and being able to grow our own food and fend for ourselves. All of us “hicks” that the newsies and elite politicians and Hollywood types make fun of and cast as “uneducated morons” don’t look so stupid now, do we. 🙂

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