2 thoughts on “What’s Good Enough for Ours – Should Be Good Enough for Theirs”

  1. “The Great Influenza” by John M Barry, exhaustive 450 page research into Woody Wilson pandemic, caused by zero quarantine and jailing reporters who covered antiwar illness. Over 550,000 Americans died, a brief video summary >
    “1918 Spanish Flu History Documentary” at Chromosome8


    1. What I’d like to know is… what kind of exercise, exactly, will they be dancing? Jumping Jacks? Every time some highfalootinmilitarybrassass gets to violently play (war games) with our boys… it’s just before a cat-ass-tropic happening that they, for some reason, just could not grasp, much less stop! In the real world we’d fire the idiot for incompetence.

      Everything is, after all, a “theater” that they so love to push, yet it goes over our heads… and all the “actors” come to the staging arena… hoping for an Oscar… crisis actors play many rolls, knowingly, or not (young soldiers).

      I see the pic of the 1918 epidemic, pandemic, etc… I see the Red Cross and know immediately what is really going on. Like ww1. Research. Discern.

      Is this a practice run, to know how quickly they must move to corral (as they sleep) tempestuously sneezy folks and poke thermometers up asses and needles in arms? Isnt it basically what they do? To see how far YOU WILL LET THEM GET AWAY WITH SICK EMBARASSMENTS AND THUS IF YOUR TEMP IS A DEGREE TOO HOT THEY WILL FORCE A NEEDLE INTO YOUR THIN-SKINNED ARMOR. No more butt-shots?

      Did you know… “they figured out” that OUR TEMP HAS BEEN COOLING OFF? Oh, the horror of global-people-cooling! Very convenient for needle pushers, eh? Just like they lowered the threshold for high-sugared folks? Here, you must take these shots or you will die! And we obey! Instead of quitting the very thing that causes most health problems. Um… sweety sweets?!

      Containment camps have been ready for decades!! Bring volley balls. THEY VOLLEY, WE DON’T HIT BACK!

      Dumping 99.9% of the alphabet soup crimecommie orgs is a good step to freedom… and all governors who tow the lie-line. Question everything, every line, even mine. Research, out of the box they’ve presented to us… for a few centuries.


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