Assume Everyone Has Tested Positive


Millions of Americans woke up to a fundamentally different situation this morning than they saw on Friday.

More than one million students in NYC are waking up to the first of many school-free days. Some of their parents are scrambling to find childcare, others are left at home because of the mass closures of restaurants, gyms (just in LA), concert venues, nightclubs and cafes.


Tracking COVID-19

3 thoughts on “Assume Everyone Has Tested Positive”

  1. It seems you may not have gotten the memo, but all my sources say Trump is simply using the shut downs to affectuate the arrests of the low level power structure (minions) of the DS. I really like your style of reporting, and thank you for taking the time to send me the link to keep following you. I hope you are still on Trumps side, he is in control, and you might check out also that’s the biggest story of our time! Ive been following Kimberly Ann Goguen (earths ambassador to the Galactic Council) since Dec. 2017. She’s the real deal.


  2. I would think all these pre-cautionary measures would be pleasing to you. I’m not exactly certain what will make you feel better as we travel this path out of a health crisis. Today (as I write, 3/17/2020), the WH gave new guidelines and it appears the last couple of days their tone has changed, too. POTUS is specifically calling out fake new which is an improvement. Yes, we knew it was coming and most should have been prepared long before now. If most isolate/self-quarantine, we may be able to get ahead of the curve on this.

    Sadly, I expect most Americans to be dumb and stupid and go out and about – so closing gathering places so the public can’t gather and spread more germs/virus…just not a bad idea at this point.

    What “I” question is how did all those Never-Trumpers suddenly become great supporters of America? Jeff Bezos (Google/Amazon/WaPo) being on board isn’t giving me comfy feelings but I’d like to know what the White Hats have on those Newsom, Cuomo, Bezos – to name but a few – b/c they’re doing 180s and reversing course and political positions rapidly!


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