3 thoughts on “Pancakes, Anyone?”

  1. Are u ex military?? Or have knowledge about maritime laws and capturing flags?? Please check out this video it’s the 1st one, seems legit. https://youtu.be/JJLb-0fLjkA.. the channel is WAR~CASTLE~O. I would appreciate it, looking for truth cuz if he is who he says he is this could change everything in our government.. ty..🤗

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  2. I think you will find that Durham has been working on indictments long before being appointed by Bill Barr. There are currently 167,000 unsealed indictments listed and AG Barr has expanded Durham’s probes 3 more times in the last 6 months. So, he is not only investigating “spy gate” matters, it goes much deeper. They are NOT leaking any info so consequently, it seems nothing is going on. I think 99% of the US population will be very surprised when indictments are unsealed, what has actually been going on. They have to keep what they are discovering from the Deep State b/c it’s the Deep State that “investigates” (in the past during the Obummer administration) then leaked all sorts of info to their pals in the MSM. No leaks, the DS doesn’t know what is going on. That is one reason the DS players are acting more crazy all the time. They are in panic mode b/c they KNOW they have been caught. Judges that are Constitutional judges and follow the rule of law had to be put in place first (the Senate was busy as little beavers confirming said judges right and left while Congress was wrapped up in “impeachment proceedings”. Many of the liberal courts around this country have been flipped. Note the sudden onslaught of CEO’s, Hollywood moguls/even actors that have “resigned” in the last few weeks??? They have been put on notice, “we got ya and we know what you have been doing and you will either resign and give up your lavish salaries OR you go to prison for a very long time”. Prince Andrew has been basically castrated as far as “performing royal duties” goes and is nowhere to be seen. Bill Gates suddenly “resigned” as CEO of his company last week to “pursue philanthropic endeavorers”. Make no mistake. AG Barr and Bill Durham have it all and they are methodically going about crushing the evil, twisted rat pack in government as well as the private sector. Do your research. Not hard to find. Take note who is “resigning….stepping away from duties/jobs/hollywood” within the next few months. Also, consider the virtual “shut down” of the US/world and what an opportunity that gives the good guys the chance to round up the bad guys. No, Durham is not “doing nothing”. He and Barr have been turned lose to expose and clean out the sewer known as our government. The world banking families are about to see the biggest reset fall upon them smashing their ability to control all monies, governments, and peoples of the world this planet has ever seen. This has been in the making for a very long time and instituted by people that found persons strong enough to stand up for WE the people and not cowtow to the corrupt world order. Those people are in charge now and there is no stopping what is coming. Don’t believe me? Dig deep into the dependable media out there. There are still honest journalists out there as well as other alternative resources that are reliable. Durham is not a dufus and AG Barr is cleaning out the ABC agencies of the US government who have long been planning the overthrow of our Republic.


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