3 thoughts on “How Long Before All Bets Are Off?”

  1. How long before folks figure out that the attacks on our rights have increased the rate of infection by forcing people to take roommates and enter homeless shelters (Assuming there is such a thing as COVID-19, specious at best and none of you can prove it yourselves.).
    Can’t wait to see the look on Biden and Pelosi’s faces when they realize the electoral ramifications of a virus that ravages mainly inhabitants of inner cities and that no Democrat will be elected again for the next 90 years or so.
    Martial law is just the beginning, confiscation of firearms and mandatory medical care along with perpetual shelter in place…perpetual…are the end game.
    All Democrats are… There is only one solution.

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  2. While I realize that it may be too early to celebrate fully, isn’t nice to live in a world where we are seeing the gap close? It used to be years (if ever) that truth was revealed. No one was held accountable for anything as corruption ensued. Now we are seeing what is happening in real time. The CDC action you just spoke of is widely known to us within months, and the 201 Event video available for all to see. Four senators caught for acting according to knowledge of the impending pandemic, and news of that shared widely. Some are shocked by this news and just beginning to awaken. Possibly more in the coming days to be revealed of others who knew, participated, concealed, or profited at the peril of people worldwide. Perhaps those scrambling now to profit from this as they lobby for their own pockets at the expense of the people will also be called out. This is very different from past events. It’s all in sight now. Perhaps the gaps between the planning, execution and outcome are being closed.


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