Which Nation’s Security is the Pentagon Concerned With?


Law enforcement officers are breaking-up outbreak-parties in New Jersey, a Florida pastor’s Constitutionally-protected first Amendment right was violated when his local sheriff arrested him for holding services, because doing so violated a health-order and Texas State troopers are enforcing quarantine-orders along the Louisiana-Texas border.

3 thoughts on “Which Nation’s Security is the Pentagon Concerned With?”

  1. “The Great Influenza” by John M Barry, on the Woody Wilson pandemic, called Spanish Flu. This 20 minute video explains the lack of quarantine among recruits and other ‘cofactors’ for pandemic >

    “1918 Spanish Flu History Documentary” by Chromosome8, on TheirTube


  2. EXCLUSIVE: Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About COV-19 | Dr. Shiva



  3. National Guardsman At NY Testing Center Says Media Has Overblown COVID19 Pandemic “It’s the Flu!”



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