And … Action!


When was the last time any of you witnessed a group of first-responders and health-care workers roll an ambulance gurney at top speed, with someone aboard, through a hospital lobby, rush headlong into what appears to be a surgery, come to an abrupt halt, turn and begin casually walking out of the ER and away from the gurney toward a man behind a camera on a tripod positioned at the entrance of the surgery, after the camera-man yells something to them.


CCP Propaganda


11 thoughts on “And … Action!”

  1. At the time these kinds of videos were coming out in China, people all over were saying something was wrong here. The Chinese govt would never allow someone to film this unless it was propaganda. I am starting to better understand that.

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  2. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is a test! The globalists are gauging people’s reactions and complicity. The “shelter in place” dictate is to preclude people comparing notes, and thus, concluding we’re being scammed into submission EXACTLY like 911 which produced the UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND UNPATRIOTIC “Patriot Act”, the domestic military i.e., the Dept. of Homeland Security (“Homeland”? Reminds me of Nazi Germany and Communist USSR terminology), the Stasi-style TSA which is designed to desensitize people into falling in line and which has proven to allow 95% of contraband to escape detection, and later, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which allows for the indefinite incarceration and/or the “droning” to death of anyone suspected of being a threat to the criminal US, Inc., including Americans, the recent assaults on Americans’ UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, specifically the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments, and most recently, the DOJ requesting that Habeas corpus be suspended! If any of Americans’ rights can be suspended, no matter the excuse, then they were NEVER RIGHTS TO BEGIN WITH! Wake-up America! Otherwise, we’ve capitulated to absolute tyranny, and the USSA!

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    1. Those that are RED PILLED have seen this coming for decades and understand their end game. Sadly everyone I know is sucking their thumbs in fear and are buying into this hoax lock, stock and barrel. They are begging to be isolated for fear of death and from what I can gather it’s all age groups that have swallowed this nonsense.
      That to me is very disturbing as these folks will turn on us and turn us in for non-compliance.
      Just yesterday three people in Toronto were charged $750 each for not social distancing. Well, that’s what the MSM stated, so could just be another tactic to get folks onboard. I know if that happened to me, well let’s just say it wouldn’t end well.

      One good thing I heard yesterday was the cancellation of the Toronto, Ontario Canada GAY PRIDE PARADE which was scheduled for June 28th. It’s the largest PEDOPHILE Parade outside of San Francisco. The sad part is, that right there tells you we will remain in lockdown now until the end of June. HOWEVER they may extend it again, we just don’t know what these psychopaths’ will do to complete their agenda.
      I don’t understand who others don’t feel the noose tightening on a daily basis, just that one little notch at a time.
      One thing anyone reading this should remember is DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE.
      They want direct access to your bloodstream.


  3. Say NO to the LOCKDOWN
    Check out the embedded videos.
    Loads of information – includes PDF document of United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21
    #CoronaVirusHOAX #EmptyHospitals #FilmYourHospital #5G #EMF
    #SocialEngineering #UnitedNations #Agenda21 #Agenda2030


  4. The best expose of the FEMA and NIST fabrications on the vaporization of the Twin Towers is by Heinz Pommer at > 911history(.)de
    Published with an 80 article bibliography on Nuclear Education >

    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VeteransToday(.)com

    The unpunished terrorists of 9/11 unleashed the WuFlu bioweapon.


  5. I am hoping we can come out of this in one piece .. but the demonrats will have none of it.. they are determined to destroy our nation… what is holding us back from taking a stand .. who said a nation divided will not stand.. the people who want to carry on and see more bloombergs put 60 or 90 billion in their wallets and the rest have less than $500 will soon see the bloombergsteins on their jet to Ishrael .. ..our ally? seize the assets + cash and distribute it to the people in those cars.. lined up for miles to get a few groceries to feed their family.. thanks to the Democrats we now have China to thank for this fiasco.. I say launch now.


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