3 thoughts on “They’ll Never Stop, Because It’s Free”

  1. There is no such thing as COVID-19
    30 to 60 thousand people die of influenza in America every single year. That’s 5,000 per month to 10,000 per month for each of the six months of the flu season…every…single…solitary…year.
    The numbers don’t lie and they just don’t add up to anything more than an ordinary flu season.
    When Cuomo is brokered in as the Democ…rat nominee and the election is suspended…and Democ…rats argue that both Pence and Trump cannot be allowed to continue in lieu of an election…making li’l miss kitty biscuits (yeah…Pelosi) the president…
    And when she names the drunken one (yeah…Hillary) her VP and resigns leaving the drunken one as your president….
    Then you will begin to understand why your peaceful, law abiding neighbor, who never broke a single law in all his life, was just dragged from his own home, murdered in cold blood by the immune ones (yeah…police) for refusing to turn over his legally owned guns…
    But the whole outsidey, do as you please and live in a free country thingy…yeah, that’s gone…forever.

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  2. Train Engineer Arrested For Derailing Train Near USNS Mercy
    I wish they would let him talk, he said he did this
    “to let people know what’s really going on – on the ship.”
    We’ll never know sadly.



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