One thought on “FEMA Requests 100,000 H.R.P.’s”

  1. The Trinity 🤔
    Roman Christianity is an 🤥👺👹 oxymoron
    Did Jesus say I go to my Fathers house and become my Father? 🤔The Trinity and The first Council of Nicaea was the first council in the history of the Christian church that was intended to address the entire body of believers. It was convened by the emperor Constantine to resolve the controversy of Arianism, a doctrine that held that Christ was not divine but was a created being.
    In 325 A.D., the Roman emperor, Constantine, called a council in the city of Nicea (modern Iznik, Turkey). The council brought together bishops from all over Christendom in order to resolve some divisive issues and ensure the continued unity of the church.Aug 28, 2014
    Evangelical Christians accept none of them. The political effect of the council was to solidify Rome’s control over the church, at least for awhile. The Roman empire had long used religion as a means to help control the empire. That was the main reason for having the emperor considered a minor god.
    The Council of Nicaea, in May 325, declared Arius a heretic after he refused to sign the formula of faith stating that Christ was of the same divine nature as God. … Shortly before he was to be reconciled, however, Arius collapsed and died while walking through the streets of Constantinople.
    The title Symbolum Apostolicum (Symbol or Creed of the Apostles) appears for the first time in a letter, probably written by Ambrose, from a Council in Milan to Pope Siricius in about AD 390 “Let them give credit to the Creed of the Apostles, which the Roman Church has always kept and preserved undefiled”. 🤔

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