Locked-Down Indefinitely?!


Yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated the United States will not come out of lock-down until there are no new cases, prompting some to question precisely how long that will be.

I think if we get to the part of the curve that Dr. Birx showed yesterday when it goes down to essentially no new cases. I think it makes sense that you will have to relax social distancing,” Fauci said.





2 thoughts on “Locked-Down Indefinitely?!”

  1. I don’t recall voting for Fauci. Don’t even recall seeing the name on a ballot. So who the hell is he to be making such administrative announcements?
    Trump I’ve not forsaken you as yet, but disgusted…absolutely. When you come into work morning of the 3rd I, as do millions, want to hear you slap that bastard Fauci down. An excellent way to do such a chore would be to replace Fauci with Shiva.


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