Millions of Small Business Owners Get the Shaft


It’s the first day that America’s small businesses can apply for the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, the $350 billion program that is part of the bigger $2 trillion bailout package designed to provide small businesses access to capital for payroll and other overhead costs to the tune of 2.5 months of average payroll and which must be accessed via an existing banking relationship …


2 thoughts on “Millions of Small Business Owners Get the Shaft”

  1. Just as I expected a complete cluster. I don’t think these people in government or the banks really care. Honestly I think the government should be printing money in order to take care of the citizens basic needs on a monthly basis. I personally would only accept the payments until I am able to get back on my feet. But they won’t taje care of the average citizen so in a month or two civil unrest will not be able to be contained. Welcome to the new world disorder.


  2. rather than wait for the “foreclosure king” to speak I’ll answer your closing question; DEBT! There’s no R.O.I. in a debt free company but, oodles in a debt ridden company. And that leaves room for this “closing question”; is Trump being manipulated in this man-made financial collapse, or recognized?
    Yes I am sure the “foreclosure king” can answer that one too.


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