Reamed On a Scale Never Before Seen in History


Because the March survey-week took place around March 13, ahead of the lock-downs and layoff announcements, today’s payrolls report was expected to be not quite as grim as initial claims suggested. It was catastrophic nonetheless, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting moments ago that a whopping 701K jobs were lost in March, 7x more than the 100K expected, just shy of the worst payrolls prints recorded during the financial crisis.

3 thoughts on “Reamed On a Scale Never Before Seen in History”

  1. One has to be impressed as much with NMH delivery as with content. The news presented is typically very much earlier than many other news outlets land with greater detail. Stay true to the passion Miss NMH which puts you a cut above all of the rest, brilliant.


  2. Cut the “who’s gonna pay for it” crap. Learn something about political economy. Start with Lyndon Larouche [pre-China suck up]. You pay for it with the Federal Reserve, used as intended. You have some good info, but the continuous inclusion of bogus economic ideas (straight from Erskine Bowles and the ghost of Warren Rudman) doesn’t do you any credit. Do some reading. Also, not allowing yt comments creates a very bad impression.


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