Kissinger Pushes Post-Pandemic “World Order”


In an opinion-piece published in the Wall Street Journal on April 3, 2020, former national security adviser and secretary of state in the Nixon and Ford administrations, pusher of unimaginable human suffering and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Henry Kissinger, takes advantage of the pandemic to argue the United States must launch a transition to a post-virus world order.

5 thoughts on “Kissinger Pushes Post-Pandemic “World Order””

  1. In the early 1970’s, I had become acquainted with a former high ranking officer in the OSS, who was an agent behind German lines during WWII. His junior… Henry Kissinger. It was his opinion that Kissinger was a double agent. Sounds like a reasonable theory.


  2. When will adolf kissinger croak? Wouldn’t it be a better world for us peons of the proletariat class if this parasite became worm food and but a footnote of history. Recognized as the true communist/wanna be dictator he is. Thanks NMH for the update on hitle…oops i mean adolfs bullschiff.


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