Behind President Trump’s Back


The World Health Organization has refused to release the names of doctors who thwarted an early bid to declare the outbreak a global health emergency at the start of the year. A previous investigation found that a group of WHO doctors had recommended the organization declare the outbreak a global emergency in late January, but were outvoted.


Watch Fauci/Karl Post-Briefing Interaction

6 thoughts on “Behind President Trump’s Back”

  1. He KNOWS Nancy. He picked Fauci and his accomplice “Aunt Bee” -You know? The “Shawl Lady’ with the Blinking (Lie Tell) Eyes and the Neuro-Linguistic Speech patterns..? Think… Christine Blassey Ford? CIA operative. Not to worry, They are being allowed to set themselves up in the public eye. The Mockingbird media is complicit and the WORLD is watching. Think tied to Bill Gates and his NWO Event 201. Google it. -Just the tip -Agenda 21/2030…? -You got it. Trump’s ahead of them. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Lots More to unpack. Pass The popcorn please. Enjoy the show. You are watching a movie.


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