A Warning from Christine Assange


On April 9, 2020, Christine Assange, posted the following alert regarding her son Julian and how her efforts to free him and keep him safe are being undermined by false claims made by intelligence and political-operatives and the mind-less masses that listen to and believe those claims.

5 thoughts on “A Warning from Christine Assange”

    1. This recent comment from one of my subscribers sums it up best:

      “The plan is there is no plan. How many years will you wait before you begin to think maybe you should make your own plan, instead of trusting that some secret person has made a secret plan that they won’t tell you about beyond that you should trust it instead of making your own plans? The Q-idea is based on the assumption that someone could remain secret from The Powers that Be on the internet. That is impossible, pure and simple. So really, they are asking you to trust in your own technical ignorance.”

      To people that support the President, regardless of the fact that he has backed-off on his campaign promises, holding his feet to the fire is interpreted as unpatriotic and disloyal. This cult mentality will be the undoing of our Republic. Because the President cares very much for the approval of his base, imagine if his supporters called him out every time he caves-in to the Democrats. If they demanded he immediately stop birth-right citizenship, defund planned parenthood, etc., he might actually follow through on his campaign promises, if only to regain his supporters’ approval. But that will never happen because those that blindly support the President, regardless of his failure to make good on his promises, are ill informed on how government works.
      If you are inclined to educate yourself on the powers of the Executive, consider listening to Mark Pantano’s, Declaring Liberty series.
      Pantano is an author, doctor of jurisprudence and professor of Constitutional law. Here’s a link to his channel.

      Thank you, for the time you spent subscribed to my channel.

      Good luck to you,



    1. Well according to this channel, you’re on your own.. At least w Q there’s support from other patriots worldwide whether Q is real or not..


  1. The Lord God is still the Lord God ….. Lord free the man Julian Assange immediately … In the Name of Jesus Christ … Amen


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