2 thoughts on “Fauci Turns on Trump”

  1. Apparently Dr Fauci has the cognitive dissonance disease. ‘We don’t have to do anything in our daily lives until there is community transmission + we are starting to have community transmission THEREFORE we don’t have to do anything different in our daily lives.

    I keep thinking and to paraphrase ‘society gets the government it deserves’. It seems to point to a key point that where we individually absolve ourselves of responsible management of our personal thoughts and behaviours, we enable others to control our lives.

    Beware! The cognitive dissonance knows no political boundaries and permits and even enables socio-pathic ‘cultures’ erhh viruses to direct( mislead) our lives, individually and as a society.

    Tragically, the ‘others’ are too narcissistic and sociopathic and use destructive control. Our present and future behooves us, with self and societal benevolence, to overcome our frailty of irresponsibility. Neurosis and phobias could be said to be that frailty. Let’s do better to identify and resolve it.

    George K Simon PhD sheds an interesting perspective on this human frail condition in his 2 books “Character Disturbance” and “How did we end up here”. He does point to some ideas which can reduce cognitive dissonance and in my opinion reduce our human frailty.


  2. Those of us who have tried to maintain respect and support of our president, Donald Trump.
    We have studied this Covid 19 strain of the common “corona virus” and have learned that there is no test, repeat NO TEST, in existence that can determine if a person has the Covid 19 strain of the corona virus. We have also learned that the CDC has put strong pressure on doctors to put the cause of death on a certificate of death as “Covid 19” even when they must only “assume” that Covid 19 played a role in the cause of death. Therefore the number of deaths from Covid 19 as reported to the public are grossly inflated, and indeed that appears the kind of data that the CDC wants the public to believe and wants political and legislative actions to be based upon.

    The TRUTH of the matter is that all of the statistics we have so far about Covid 19 are INACCURATE and INCOMPLETE. In my words, all of the data that has been peddled to all of us who wanted to obey and do the right things in our personal life conduct has been deliberately FALSE AND MISLEADING.

    I agree with our narrator’s assertions that our President appears to be culpable because he has from the beginning of his presidency appointed swamp creatures to high level cabinet positions and other presidential special “task forces.”

    If I try to hold on to a glimmer of hope about the character and intentions of our president, I must hope that he did not know the truth about this Covid 19 coronavirus being not scientifically substantiated and established until just the last few months and then the president decided to play some of his “5 D chess” and use what has happened to, and here is the major “conspiracy theory” floating now, rescue sexually abused by the high-level satanic ritual abuse pedophile ring that holds the top level people in government and business and banking under blackmail, bribery and extortion, and to apprehend and arrest the top pedophile operatives that control this pedophile/ human trafficking EVIL entity.

    I think if this theory turned out to be true and this secret plan of the president became fully implemented and executed so that within the next few days, before the end of April 2020, where the public was shown on national and international live television the poor injured children rescued from the tunnels beneath New York City and Los Angeles, California, there is the small chance, but the only imaginable chance, that those throughout the USA and the world who have lost their abodes and their livelihoods because of this Covid 19 hoax could forgive the president’s ostensible early misplaced trust in swamp creatures because a much greater good for all the people and societies of this world will have been achieved, the major step of exposing most evil deeds of the dark rules of this corrupt beast system and trying to restore the lives of the abused rescued children to a degree of safety and protection every child deserves.

    President Trump, ACT NOW, or forget about communicating with us further as we the decent people of this world will no longer listen to your brotherhood of darkness words.


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