The Swine!


President Trump’s game changer medication he’s frequently been advancing in the fight against the outbreak, hydroxychloroquine, has been met with mixed reactions among healthcare professionals and even within his own administration – not the least of which are Dr. Fauci’s changing and at times contradictory statements on its potential effectiveness.


This report is provided as information only and must not be interpreted as a substitute for medical treatment, diagnosis or advice provided by a licensed, qualified physician.

2 thoughts on “The Swine!”

  1. If CIA employees and staunch anti-Trumpers would rather die miserably of COVID-19 rather than take a drug that the FDA approved over six decades ago, I can live with that.


  2. Good one, Nancy. I’m very curious what benefits are going to surface regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine. I have found online (always skeptical) clinical trials and claims of use as a treatment for various cancers. President Trump made a proclamation for ‘cancer control month’ on 31 March.


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