For the Sake of Humanity

Yesterday, Dr. Paul Cottrell and intrepid researcher George Webb held their most recent online meeting-of-the-minds. Cottrell, was one of the first to come forward and publicly state his research showed that the disease afflicting the U.S. and the majority of other nations on the planet was engineered in a level-4 lab.



Sins of Omission

Fauci’s Funding of Chinese Bio-Level-4 Lab Research

Bruce Nussbaum’s Book

7 thoughts on “For the Sake of Humanity”

  1. Bath-Dole Act, 1980 > allowed one bureaucrat to award other bureaucrats (Fauci & Redfield) to own and sell US taxpayer funded patents

    Project Bioshield Act, 2004 > NIH to spend $5 billion per year for possible bioweapon vaccines

    PREP, Public Readiness & Emergency Prepardness Act, 2005 > mandatory vaccine law

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  2. Thank you Nancy for giving George his due credit. After working with him & his team for weeks as the lockdown went into full swing it gave us ample time to dig into the facts that lead us to the origin of the virus, that was pulled from YT after 580K views in 2 days. We have since connected with several other authorities in bioweapons like Dr Hamamoto & will be interviewing with Dr Shiva in the next few days. The most chilling was the history of Ft Detrick, MD & it’s history with bioweapons going back to Sidney Gottleib after WWII to present with Dr Bavari & his association with the Wuhan P4 Lab present day & the history of Dr Fauci, Dr Deborah Birx’s connection with Marie Yovanovich, Robert Redfield’s pay-to-play with the CDC & last but not least General Tedros Adhanom Gheyesus, who is not a doctor; having a PhD in Economics for the World Health Organization, who’s single largest contributor is the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation. Tedros is responsible for the death of millions of his own people in Ethiopia during a cholera outbreak that he casted as diarrhea.
    The track record of these people & their objectives must be brought to the fore. As Dr Fauci’s patent for Remdesivir was preemptively approved before the CV virus outbreak. It’s a pattern similar to what happened with AZT. These people are charlatans, carpetbaggers & criminals with the objective of the League of Nations, where the WHO Foundation currently resides in Geneva Switzerland. We must put an end to their reign of terror.

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  3. Hi Nancy. I just thought I would let you know, that for your last several YouTube videos. Your audio keeps cutting out. About every 3, to 5 seconds throughout your entire video. Cutting out a lot of key words that your saying. Just thought I would let you know. Thank you for you very important work. God bless.

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