Listen on an Empty Stomach


Kushner raised eyebrows when he strutted into the role of pandemic point man for the White House, alongside his former roommate and a handful of McKinsey & Company management consultants. Team McKinsey has a history of doing little more than helping failing institutions fail in style while growing rich in the process.

4 thoughts on “Listen on an Empty Stomach”

  1. The Opportunity Zones are renamed Workforce Development Zones that sit on top of Intermodal Commerce Zones. The Opportunity Zones are renamed Empowerment Zones – a program that Bill Clinton put into place. I think they are essentially the same as Urban Renewal Zones. Each agency that has a zone program just a named layer for what becomes what I call Trojan Triangles. Through the Economic Development Administration and the Transportation Department, government funding is provided to a public-private partnership. That hybrid PPP is basically a Port Authority – Modeled after the New York/New Jersey Port Authority. Through the EB-5 visa program, they can sell American citizenship in exchange for economic development money for the zone.

    In Idaho, they were all set to take communist chinese money for a workforce/economic development zone when we busted them and spread the info far and wide.

    This is a deep rabbit hole that I’ve just given you the scum off the top. Kushner is up to his eyeballs in it I understand.

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