3 thoughts on “‘I Made a Bargain with the Devil’”

  1. And so now you know the real truth….
    That the COVID19 hoax is intended to undo the gig economy and suspend the election…making Trump/Pence….and Pelosi ineligible for the Presidency…not duly elected – not eligible (recent Court rulings prove that putting Roberts in would be catastrophic…for the left…even Sotomayor is tilting to the right.)
    COVID is but one strain of flu virus…nothing more….
    The “plan” is to pick out one of the several flu strains that get into human communication each year in the ongoing annual flu pandemic and then foment fear by falsely reporting that it is “novel” and that the fatalities wil number in the millions….
    No new virus nor any bio-weapons need be released, no more than the usual annual number of people have to die, no one need be guilty of any crime more than a few white lies….and…
    Bimya(!) thirty trillion dollars in short selling profits are possible in the melting financial markets, entire countries shut down (with the (super juicy) promise of shutting down America during the election….
    Ah yes, life is good for liberals.
    Oh, almost forgot the bonus…since there is really not an actual killer virus…the decimation of inner city voters never happens.
    Congratulation Bill and Melinda


  2. Newbies to the vacation rental market who started out with Airbnb are not the only ones who are feeling the pinch. As an entrepreneur who has owned a (debt-free) vacation rental business since long before Airbnb was a thought:
    I advertise on several platforms, including my own website, and Airbnb out of sheer necessity. Airbnb is the only platform that has handled cancellations the way it has. The company also attempted to leverage hosts’ losses to gain our tax dollars. The campaign to get hosts to sign up for their assistance was laughable, as it presented an enticing façade with no sustenance. Trickery. Once it became clear to the company a plan beyond a government bailout was necessary, it borrowed $2 billion, half of which is at a rate of more than 10%. Airbnb was set for an IPO this year, another mess it was already facing. Some hosts have apparently formed class action lawsuits.

    There has been a battle (more like a war perhaps) for years between the hotel industry and Airbnb. In Spring of 2019 Airbnb purchased HotelTonight. In Fall of 2019 the hotel industry attacked Airbnb: https://thehill.com/regulation/lobbying/461018-hotel-industry-mounts-attack-on-airbnb-with-house-bill

    In December 2015 Expedia (the world’s largest hotel platform) purchased VRBO: “the worlds leading vacation rental marketplace” and during the acquisition, the company made so many changes that some vacation rental owners formed a class action lawsuit. My sales dropped more than 80% within the first 6 months of 2016, and then all income was frozen in Fall of 2019 until March 2020 in a claim that the company was changing payout processors. My observation and assessment is that the entire acquisition was a way to gain control of the vacation rental industry, to shuffle the income from vacation rentals back to the hotels. They did it well.

    The events of the last several weeks have adversely impacted my business mainly due to the way Airbnb and VRBO have handled cancellations. It appears that diversifying from Airbnb has been a double-edged sword for my business rather than the complete sword Airbnb has been to the newbies.

    BTW: Unless it’s changed, superhost status is based upon the hosts’ rating, not based upon number of rental properties.

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