3 thoughts on “Multi-Stage Re-Opening Insanity: Locked-Down — Not Locked-Down”

  1. *New Normal ~ Pandemic Police State ~ Same Script*

    All of the politicians and medical “experts” seem to be reading from the exact same script: “This is the new normal, and it won’t end until we have a vaccine.”

    Something profoundly sinister is unfolding across the entire planet, using the pandemic as justification for its fruition.

    We are being told that we must accept a “new normal” that includes drastic restrictions of our civil liberties. We are being told that we must accept this state of affairs indefinitely, until a vaccine is developed. Now they are even saying that naturally developed immunity to the virus is insufficient.

    Our consciousness and material reality are being altered, reconfigured via a matrix of fear and confusion.

    The entire world has been mind controlled by flashing images on glowing screens to not only self-police themselves into maintaining an arbitrary distance from other human beings, but to accept autonomous supervision networks that enforce this “new normal”.


  2. There is no such thing as COVID19
    This is why the death toll for COVID combined with that of the ordinary flu is going to come in at less than 70,000 combined which is only the high end of the annual flu pandemic.
    We have been lied to, stolen from and used in order to usurp political powers that are unconstitutional, immoral and unethical…by the usual suspects….
    This WILL end and I would remind Democrats who are hell bent on revolution that Republicans own most of the businesses, most of the stocks, and nearly ALL of the “hardware”…good luck and kiss your mother.


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