2 thoughts on “Someone Needs Their Memory Refreshed”

  1. Thank you, Nancy. Next you should look into the brilliant work and discovery of Dr Judy Mikovitz, who was thereafter discredited , fired and threatened by DR FAUCI, had all her findings stolen then wound up in jail to shut her up. And she started TALKING after the gag order was lifted.
    And of course, SNOPES has smeared her good name and covered for Fauci. Unreal!!

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  2. Fauci mentioned dangerous results of Veterans Administration experiments on HCQ. The VA used 368 human guinea pigs with no reference to contributing cofactors, and using proven risk mechanical ventilators.

    “Outcomes of HCQ Usage in US Veterans with COVID-19” > at > MedRxiv(.)org

    (study rushed for CDC benefit)


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