DOJ Drops Case Against General Flynn


Shortly after Brandon Van Grack, chief of the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Act division, filed a notice of his withdrawal in federal court in Washington, The Justice Department has this morning filed a motion to drop the criminal case against President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, abandoning the critical leg of many leftists’ belief in the Russia collusion fairy tale.

2 thoughts on “DOJ Drops Case Against General Flynn”

  1. Remember the A la Mode !

    “Texas Salon Owner Shelley Luther Released from Jail” at theConservativeTreehouse(.)com > refusing to grovel to dictatorial government, Hair A la Mode owner gets reprieve.

    Now Free this Reptillary target


  2. It’s all an outrage and a disgrace. I want my tax dollars to be part of a monetary payment to go to General Flynn to pay for all his legal fees, to pay for a new house, and to compensate him and his family for the emotional distress inflicted on them all. I don’t want a single penny of my money to go to paying the salaries of those scum bags who did this to him and his family.


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