2 thoughts on “Officials to Take People Out of Their Homes”

  1. This whole debacle has gone completely off the rails!
    We’ve been sheltering in place for a month close to two, basically we’re self-quarantined.
    NOW, they want to come in & remove individuals from their homes to quarantine them.
    This is an over reach on such a grand scale.
    Yet Dr’s are giving patients
    Hydrachloraquine /Z-Pac with excellent results.
    So they’re refusing to help these people but instead giving them oxygen therapy.
    Which I’m gathering is speeding up their demise.

    Meanwhile here in the real world people are jobless soon to be homeless & worse.
    I see this as indefinite!
    Until they roll out the vaccine per Bill Gates,
    to fuck up those remaining that haven’t either starved to death or offed themselves.
    We can enjoy the the virus trackers up our asses. ✌


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